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Glen Kertes Illustrations offers a wide variety of  services! See below for more info! 


Sports Art

Capture a moment in time and make it a unique piece of art. Have your favorite photo of your young athlete converted into a drawing, matted and framed to hang in their room. I also offer personalized sketch cards so you can start a collection of your young superstar.

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Sports Memorabilia 

GKllustration has an extensive selection of athletic portraits. If you're not seeing your favorite player, I can make one custom for you! 


Fan Art 

Sports aren't your thing? That's ok! I also create custom portraits of TV and movie favorites, perfect to bring to your next convention for signing. 

Custom Piece 

In search of a custom piece? Contact me below.

Glen Kertes

The Man Behind GKIllustrations

As a child I was very athletic-minded and creative, especially with drawing. I can recall at a very young age being drawn to images that displayed emotion in competition and the movement of athletes, no matter  what sport. 


Sports Illustrated was my source of inspiration due to the tremendous imagery that they were able to capture in their photos. This led me to continue playing sports and follow my artistic passion into college, where I played football and studied graphic design. Although my football career ended prematurely due to an injury, my artistic career continued until graduation.


While pursuing my degree, one professor recommended I choose another career path outside of the arts. His comment led to a 30-year hiatus. It wasn’t until my children began asking if I could draw for them that my artistic passion was re-ignited. 


Although I first started drawing mostly military and superhero themed pieces, my interest and experience with sports art eventually resurfaced. I've always been fascinated with capturing emotion, movement and competition in my pieces. Drawing from my past experiences playing sports, I become emotionally attached to what I create. I've experimented with various mediums and have continued to grow and evolve as an artist. I have also done work with Topps and Upperdeck by contributing to various sets with sketch cards.


I live in New Jersey with my wife and 2 sons, and have become a huge fan of watching my kids play the sports they love. When not creating art, I work as a job coach guiding young adults with disabilities through the transition to becoming independent and contributing members of their community. I have also survived numerous brain surgeries, which caused a loss of sensation on my entire right side. Artwork was a great tool in my therapy in regaining the use of my right arm.Although I still walk  with a slight limp, my sense of humor and appreciation for life motivates me to continue moving forward.


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